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How does your business get its products to customers? If you’re like most small businesses, there are two main pools of operations: either picking, packing and shipping orders out in-house, or relying on a third party company to handle order fulfilment. At Steadfast Australia, we employ a team dedicated to the picking and packing of orders, so you can save time on tedious tasks and focus on the core competencies to grow your business.

At Steadfast Australia, we have been picking, packing and posting orders for over 25 years. Over this time we have continued to build, develop and expand our systems and processes to provide our customers with quick and reliable service. While transport companies have come and gone, at Steadfast, we have remained consistent with our service and customer satisfaction, whereby our pick and packing services are no exception. 

Features of Steadfast Pick and Pack Solutions

Packaging and Kitting Options For All Businesses

Let Our Dedicated Team Help You

When an order is placed our team is quick to act where a simple yet effective process is performed to ensure an accurate order fulfillment everytime. Prior to picking, each item is scanned into our inventory system and then scanned once again when the order is picked. In traditional warehousing, stock is only scanned once, which leaves more room for error. 

Once the entirety of the order has been picked, it is then reviewed and once approved, it is packed in your requested packaging method and shipped out within 24 hours. We pack your orders following the methods of your choosing, whether you need to include promotional material or other extras. We use the latest technology to track the fulfillment of orders, which also allows you to track your orders via your devices. This results in a complete transparent process that eliminates the risk of mistakes. 

When partnering with Steadfast to send your orders, you also partner with our distribution network around Australia. This means you receive all the benefits of our connections without having to pay any additional costs. So if your business is rapidly expanding, or requires hundreds of orders to be picked and posted daily, make Steadfast Australia your first choice. Either give our team a call or fill out a form to get started today! 

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Our Comprehensive Services

Third Party Logistics

We offer flexible 3PL packages for small and large businesses that allow you to increase productivity while maintaining confidence your orders will be fulfilled.

Storage and Warehousing

Our large and secure warehouse will provide you with sufficient room that caters to all your storage requirements no matter the complexity.

POS Management

We have set up custom, cost effective Point of Sale management systems for companies all over the globe, saving them thousands of hours in lost productivity.

Inventory Management

Our advanced inventory management systems allow us to categorise your stock in a variety of ways to ensure it stays in date and accounted for at all times.


The combination of our expert drivers and large distribution network means your packages will be delivered safely and on time.

Online Fulfillment

We have advanced IT software that can track your stock via smartphone, integrated straight to our warehouse so all your orders will beshipped on time.

Pick and Pack

We provide contracted packing to companies all over Australia in a variety of industries with tailored solutions for your specific needs.

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