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We have always stayed ahead of the curve at Steadfast. We were one of the first warehousing companies to transition from faxes to emails, and from pen and paper to digital systems. While other companies continued to move along with their current systems, we understood the importance of updated IT solutions. Since the transition many years ago, we have continued to invest, upgrade and integrate modern software into our warehousing solutions. This has seen positive results over the years, with automation awarding less human error and greater efficiency. With such systems in place, our staff are able to easily track stock on hand and stock locations. It also means our clients reap the benefits, having orders fulfilled quickly and accurately. They can manage their stock levels from any device, directly link stock on hand to their website and even track items through MYOB. Having strong online systems not only benefits our team, but it saves you time and effort as a business owner. 

Through the use of our online order fulfilment systems we have been able to assist hundreds of businesses – and we can help you too! By managing your sales and fulfilling distribution, you save time to focus on the business. In partnering with us, you can take advantage of our existing connections and supply chain within Australia. Connecting directly with your online store means your customers receive their items on time, everytime. Our streamlined pick and pack process is quick and powerful, providing benefits to you and your customers. Combined with our competitive storage rates, your online business can continue to scale when partnering with Steadfast to fulfill your orders.


Features of Steadfast Warehousing and Storage Solutions

Advanced Security Systems To Keep Your Data Safe

Online Security Measures

As technology continues to develop, so does the need for security measures. Our warehouse is completely secure and covered with comprehensive insurance, CCTV cameras and alarm systems. Likewise, our digital systems are safe and secure so that your data remains protected at all times. 

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Our Comprehensive Services

Third Party Logistics

We offer flexible 3PL packages for small and large businesses that allow you to increase productivity while maintaining confidence your orders will be fulfilled.

Storage and Warehousing

Our large and secure warehouse will provide you with sufficient room that caters to all your storage requirements no matter the complexity.

POS Management

We have set up custom, cost effective Point of Sale management systems for companies all over the globe, saving them thousands of hours in lost productivity.

Inventory Management

Our advanced inventory management systems allow us to categorise your stock in a variety of ways to ensure it stays in date and accounted for at all times.


The combination of our expert drivers and large distribution network means your packages will be delivered safely and on time.

Online Fulfillment

We have advanced IT software that can track your stock via smartphone, integrated straight to our warehouse so all your orders will beshipped on time.

Pick and Pack

We provide contracted packing to companies all over Australia in a variety of industries with tailored solutions for your specific needs.

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