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Having an accurate and effective inventory management system is vital to the success and continued growth of your business. Without a comprehensive system, you may find yourself losing track of stock, having items expire or simply not having the time to update inventory levels. Managing your own inventory also takes hours of time and effort, which could be better spent developing your business. 

At Steadfast Australia, we have spent the last 25 years managing inventory for our clients and developing our internal systems so they run without hiccup. Our automated system classifies and categorises your inventory in a way that is most beneficial to your business and helpful for our warehouse staff.

Traditionally, it was common for inventory management systems to only record stock on the metrics of barcodes and serial numbers. Here at Steadfast Australia, we categorise your inventory based on a number of factors: location,  expiry dates, batch codes, serial numbers, receival dates and much more. Our flexible categories means we are able to accurately keep track of your entire inventory and can process incoming/outgoing orders with ease. 

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In business, it is common knowledge that when times are tough, you fall to the level of your systems. That is why over the years we have invested heavily in our internal systems to ensure that we are able to provide the absolute best service to our customers. Further, through our user friendly online portal, customers can integrate and track their inventory straight from their preferred device. This is vital for our 3PL (Third Party Logistics) clients who need to stay up to date with their current stock levels and order status to make decisions about the future of their business. 

If you are looking to expand your business and outsource the inventory management of your products, speak to the team here at Steadfast Australia. You will be amazed at the solutions we provide and the customer service offered. 

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Third Party Logistics

We offer flexible 3PL packages for small and large businesses that allow you to increase productivity while maintaining confidence your orders will be fulfilled.

Storage and Warehousing

Our large and secure warehouse will provide you with sufficient room that caters to all your storage requirements no matter the complexity.

POS Management

We have set up custom, cost effective Point of Sale management systems for companies all over the globe, saving them thousands of hours in lost productivity.

Inventory Management

Our advanced inventory management systems allow us to categorise your stock in a variety of ways to ensure it stays in date and accounted for at all times.


The combination of our expert drivers and large distribution network means your packages will be delivered safely and on time.

Online Fulfillment

We have advanced IT software that can track your stock via smartphone, integrated straight to our warehouse so all your orders will beshipped on time.

Pick and Pack

We provide contracted packing to companies all over Australia in a variety of industries with tailored solutions for your specific needs.

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