Toll & Japan Post

Having a long partnership with various different subsidiaries of Toll, Steadfast Australia is very conscious of the take over bid offered by Japan Post. You may have seen this popping up in your news feeds. Toll, being an Australian Company, looking to be bought by an overseas investor (Japan Post), draws many parallels with the […]

Arrester Beds – Princess Hwy

It has been a tragic and inexcusable series of events plaguing the Princess Highway recently. Though some of blame can be laid on decreasing profit margins and the financial strain on the current market, we cannot forget that no job is worth the health of any person and in the end the responsibility falls on […]


Steadfast Australia is proud to announce a new partnership with Toll Priority. Our new rates enable us to offer international parcel deliveries at rates far below the market standard. We anticipate there will be a strong uptake as many of our existing clients will now be able to take advantage of these excellent export rates. Not […]

Transport Safety

It is quite a disappointment to read about the recent number of heavy vehicles being defected in this latest road safety blitz targeting unsafe trucks. You can read more in the link below. However, it does make us quite proud of the fact that we do go to great lengths to ensure we comply with […]