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Happy 2014!

The last few years have presented some very great challenges to many industries. However, looking at our internal data, coupled with feedback coming in from our industry partners and affiliates, it appears that this trend may be changing. As such, we at Steadfast Australia are looking forward to a very positive and exciting 2014! In this spirit, we wish you only the very best for this new year.

If there are lessons to learn from the past it would be that hard work is important, but building relationships through trust and mutual understanding is also equally as important. If you need any assistance moving into 2014, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have the solutions for whatever warehousing issues you may have – though if we are not the quite fit for you, we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

When we support each other we all prosper! HAPPY 2014!!

COVID-19 in Australia

With the current outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we are reminded of again the impact on business and the economy. Steadfast Australia is committed to making

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Our Comprehensive Services

Third Party Logistics

We offer flexible 3PL packages for small and large businesses that allow you to increase productivity so you can be confident in fulfilling your orders.

Storage and Warehousing

Our large warehouse located in Woodville can cater to all your storage requirements, no matter how complex. Whether you need 1 pallet or 10,000 pallets, we can store your stock.

POS Management

We take the worry out of point of sale (POS) management with our comprehensive knowledge in and around technical POS systems.​

Inventory Management

Our advanced inventory management systems allow us to categorise stock in a variety of ways, from serial numbers to expiry dates and more.


We employ an expert team of packers and drivers to ensure your deliveries are dispatched on time. Our extensive network will ensure the quick delivery of your parcel to its destination.

Online Fulfillment

We have advanced IT software that can track your stock via smartphone, integrated straight to our warehouse so all your orders will be accounted for and shipped on time.

Pick and Pack

We employ a dedicated team of pickers who are able to have your order packed, tracked and dispatched in no time at all.

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